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Including: the letterboxed feature film, the feature-length documentary "Poultry in Motion," deleted scenes, the original Ron Jeremy ending, a kara-yolk-e DVD, and much, much more!

"Poultry in Motion" Goes Theatrical! Sept 5th, NYC
Andy Deemer and Jason Foulke take you on a journey into the world of fiercely independent guerrilla filmmaking with this hilarious and shocking documentary feature. "Poultry in Motion" follows cult director Lloyd Kaufman as he tries to hatch his newest cinematic explosion, POULTRYGEIST. With no investors and no money, he staffs the film with a crew of 75 inexperienced teenagers, hires the cheapest DP he can find, and houses them all in an abandoned church in Buffalo's ghetto. This unflinching behind-the-scenes visit into the world of guerrilla filmmaking spares no one, and presents an engaging story of how independent cinema is really made.

"It's hilarious."

"Disgusting, deranged and thoroughly brilliant. A Critic's Pick!"

"It is just about as perfect as a film predicated on the joys of projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea can be!"

"A simultaneously horrific and hilarious parody of the zombie genre!"

It's "a veritable Cluckwork Orange! It takes up where the punctured glutton in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life left off!!!"

"I loved it!! One of the best films [Troma's] ever released... a no holds barred bloodbath!"

"Gleefully vulgar, politically incorrect! A free-for-all romp! 3 stars out of 4!"

"Makes Borat look like The Sound of Music... very guilty and gross pleasures!"

"See it with a crowd of like-minded fans and you'll revel in the cut-rate cleverness, the exertions of the cast, the, ahem, pluck of it all."

"A masterpiece! Pure creativity and fun at breakneck speeds, covered in soda-fountain blood and UltraSlime!"

"Outrageous, insane, and borderline brilliant, Poultrygeist is one of the best things to come out of Troma... It's bloodier, ballsier, and bluerer than anything the company has ever done! It's simply amazing. 9/10!!!"

"Hilarious! Definitely something you guys need to see to believe!"
"A cinematic masterpiece! The mad genius who brought the world The Toxic Avenger is back!"

"Be prepared for bizarre sex acts, gratuitous toplessness, explosive diarrhea, dismemberments, eviscerations and other things you would not find in a mainstream musical... Snappy and funny!"

"Fucking amazing. Best Troma film in years. It's so unbelievably sick, funny, and really, really smart."

"I LOVED the movie, it was everything I wanted. The gore was completely and utterly over the top... It's completely mind-expanding."

"It will destroy any of the good feelings you still have about the fast food industry!"
"A rather sharp, if demented, work of political and social satire."

"A hilarious, stomach-turning epic!"

"As savage as Dawn of the Dead, as slapstick nutzoid as Evil Dead 2, as gag-on-your-popcorn gross as Pink Flamingos, and as dementedly foulmouthed literate as a Kevin Smith raunchfest. It's genuine sick fun, and there isn't a boring moment in it!"

"Totally crass, often hilarious! A Critics' Pick"

"One of the most entertaining movies all year!"

"A vegetarian-manifesto masterpiece... (one of) the top 10 films that'll inspire you to go vegetarian!"

"Poultrygeist is the movie Fast Food Nation could have been if it hadn't sucked... It's a wonderfully bold satirical comment on the chemical-industrial food complex that poisons us all, and one that forces us to ask why - in the 118-year history of the cinema - have we never been shown this before?"

"A Troma Classic... B-Movies on Steroids!"

"About as close as you'll get to a live-action South Park... One of Kaufman's -- and Troma's -- best efforts to date!"

"An unqualified return to form! Boasts more blood, vomit, explosive diarrhea, decapitations, eviscerations and completely gratuitous toplessness than any Troma film in recent memory."

"A masterpiece... It's like FAST FOOD NATION meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD"

"Vintage Lloyd Kaufman!... An alternately hilarious and stomach-churning exercise in really bad taste that makes SOUTH PARK look like classic Ingmar Bergman by comparison."

"Without a doubt, the best film Troma's ever produced, and certainly Lloyd Kaufman's most accomplished. It's also smart, smart-assed, ambitious, hilarious... Poultrygeist redefines what Troma is capable of."

"Gross-out humor not only reigns, it thunders and storms across the candy-colored big screen! It does for the visual sensibilities what Superbad does for the imagery of smutty and slutty word play."

"Move over Morgan Spurlock, Eric Schlosser and China, Lloyd Kaufman has the best reason to avoid fast food! A cornucopia of gore, cheesy lines, sexy ladies and off-the-cuff musical numbers!"

"A celebration of American independent cinema!... Is it a lot of fun? Hell yes."

"Clever satire and unabashed tastelessness!"


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