December 7th, 2006

1st AC Arsenio & 3rd AC Emma Brown are engaged to be married! See Emma blog and pictures below: happy day tonight arsenio took me to the top of the empire state building… …and asked me to marry him :) so now we’re official! i’m glad i said yes, or i would have had to […]

April 18th, 2006

P! Blog: “The Customer is Always Ripe: My Tromatic Summer” by Loui Podlaski (04-18-2006)

December 29th, 2005

I’ve always been a huge movie buff, especially horror and since 3rd grade Troma has been right at the top of my list. My introduction to Troma was the cartoon seriesThe Toxic Crusaders on U.S.A. network. Then my mom told me that she thought there might be a movie. So I ran down the street […]

December 7th, 2005

To Whom It May Concern, You never know where you are going to end up in life. Perhaps that’s why we put up with all of the pain and suffering. For those moments of unexpected joy and well-earned happiness, Poultrygeist is a culmination of the events of life itself. From conception to birth, to life […]

November 28th, 2005

My name is Alex Gonzalez. I’m originally from South Bronx,NY but I moved to lousy old Springfield,MA when I was 11 and a half. Unfortunately I’m currently still living there. I’m an aspiring actor and special make-up fx artist. Now under Mr. Kaufman’s request…I’m posting this blog about myself and my interest in Troma. Well […]

September 26th, 2005

Chicken shit is very important, blood needs to be thicker, get lots more KY, make ass bladders, call the guy with the missing finger, talk to Jamie about getting a baby or a toddler to put in the deep fryer… -some of my notes from Poultrygeist.

September 19th, 2005

Check out this artwork, courtesy of Poultrygeist! worker Emma Brown!

September 15th, 2005

“Cut! Perfect! Do It Again.” — Lloyd Kaufman Never before have five words, both inspired and sickened me at the same time. These five words have been ringing in my ears for the past three weeks. Little did I realize what I was getting into when I answered that first call from some guy named […]

September 12th, 2005

I’ve sat down a couple of times and tried to write about my experience on the set of Poultrygeist, but so far nothing has come out. In a way it feels too big to me. Suffice it to say, I didn’t really want it to end and I’d go back in a heartbeat to sleeping […]

August 29th, 2005

Read a new heart-felt blog entry by Jamie Greco! (08/29/05)