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Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions before filling out the contact form:

Q. When will you release POULTRYGEIST on DVD?

A. We are amazed to get this question from and to relealize that so many of you can type, but yet can’t read. We’re sure there will be shitty bootleg versions of the film available soon after it’s premiere screening, but, *ahem*, POULTRYGEIST WAS SHOT ON 35 MM FILM AND IS INTENDED FOR THEATRICAL RELEASE!!! After world wide theatrical screenings, when the time is right, we will announce it’s availability on DVD on this website. The Official Motion Picture soundtrack is available for purchase which includes a bonus extras disk containing the most officially released P! footage on DVD yet so far.

Q. When will you screen POULTRYGEIST near MY town?

A. Well, boys and girls, there is a big wide world out there, and this question has come to us from all over it. Wherever the movie will be played, WE WILL ANOUNCE IT HERE ON POULTRYGEISTMOVIE.COM AS THE DATES AND VENUES ARE BOOKED! You will just have to keep checking back here to know when it will play near YOUR home town, or join the Official Poultrygeist Myspace or Mailing List to be informed that way as well.