Bands Featured on the POULTRYGEIST Original Motion Picture Soundtrack in Alphabetical Order:

Shiny robopop with enough nods towards Bis and Black Box Recorder to make John Peel a fan, Baxendale practically define the term ‘cult band.’ Baxendale are Tim, Alex and Senay. Tim and Alex started working together the week that Never Ever by All Saints went top 10. Tim had a bunch of ideas for ‘proper […]

Count Smokula, it is believed, was born 496 years ago in the town of Yabatubursk, near Glipsch, in Smokesylvania. Yet through an old series of family remedies, medicinal plants and herbs, he has retained his boyish vigor, and most people can’t imagine he is a day over 380. Even as a boy, The Count was […]

If Covered in Bees are guilty of anything, it’s taking their time and getting it right the first time around. Covered in Bees all started when Boo (on the mic) asked Doug (playing guitar) to help him write a no-bullshit, hardcore demo. Boo had written a notebook full of lyrics, but wanted to write some […]

Dan Potthast has been the lead singer/frontman for MU330 since the band first started playing shows in 1988. Dan’s songs have been used in numerous TV shows and movies, including The Brendan Leonard Show and the German films “Pas De Deux” and “Dopplepack.” With MU330, he has played over 1800 shows all around the world, […]

Dingleberry Dynasty is to music as a coked-up clown on fire is to a funeral service. While it’s certainly not what you expected, you can’t help but stare in confusion and wonder until someone finally puts the fire out. If the cast of “Jackass” started a band, Dingleberry Dynasty is what would happen. The Annapolis, […]

The Dwarves is a punk rock band, formed in Chicago, Illinois as The Suburban Nightmare in the late 1980s. They are currently based in San Francisco, California. Band members Singer Blag Dahlia (Paul Cafaro), and guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named have always been the two core members of the group. The lineup has shifted […]

Elastic No-No Band was, like Nine Inch Nails, originally basically a one-man band. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Justin Remer (pictured center) created music for his short films using the Elastic No-No Band name and then started making lo-fi CD-R albums for his friends and anyone else interested. The songs were, and continue to be, a vast array of […]

Shock Rock since 1983!! Impaler have recorded worldwide for labels Combat Records, Roadrunner and Century Media. Currently the band has released albums on Root Of All Evil and started their own imprint Vlad Productions. Recently Impaler has released a DVD titled 20 Years Undead and a brand new CD Habeas Corpus. Impaler are currently touring […]

The NDI saga began in Chicago in the spring of 1989. Bored with the straight-ahead approach of the band they were in, Pigtail Dick (guitar and vocals), Skipper Zwackinov (bass, balloons, and vocal), and Goodtime Dammit (drums, drums, drums) began playing for laughs in the basement of Pigtail’s mom’s house. “She really, really hated us,” […]

The Nihilistics originally hailed from Long Island, but gigged around Manhatten in clubs like A7, CBGB’s and the Mudd Club, and appeared on the legendary New York Thrash compilation with THE BEASTIE BOYS, THE MAD, and THE BAD BRAINS. Through their wild live shows, they developed a reputation as one of the most damaged and […]